Château de Milleton - Maison d'Hôtes full of character
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The good life that’s unpretentious :
wouldn’t you like that ?

Above all Milleton isn’t a hotel !

Milleton is our home,
Where we invite Friends,
With your host in the garden, 
Your hostess busy in the kitchen, 
A dog, a cat, a donkey, sheep, a goat, 
Ducks and squirrels… 
And everything else you won’t find in a hotel.

Milleton isn’t a hotel. 
No air-conditioning, 
Just the ocean breeze which gently blows through the vast pine forests. 
No TV, 
Just a large fireplace for entertaining evenings. 
No telephone in the rooms, 
Just the cuckoo which calls through your window. 
No parking problems,
Just a vast open park as far as you can see.

Milleton isn’t a hotel. 
No room numbers, 
Just lots of colours: 
Blue like the Gascony sky; 
Green like the Landes Forest : 
Yellow like the sunlight; 
Red like the wine.
Grey, like the donkey in the garden.

Milleton isn’t a hotel. 
No label, 
The house’s beauty speaks for itself. 
No stars either, 
We have lots in the sky.
Milleton isn’t a hotel.
Milleton is our home where we invite Friends, 
Nothing more, nothing less...

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a chimney which flames

large doorsight from a window

Access path to the castle of Milleton

The dining room

the castle in length

The entry

from old trees a cross protects

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